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Temi Ajibewa

The Complete 12-Week Intensive Online Program For Building A Profitable Personal Brand Business As A Coach, Consultant, Strategist or Thought Leader.

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October 26TH – 30th.

Are you a new or established coach looking to start or scale your coaching business?

Does any of the following situations describe you?


This is for you in DIRE need of help to launch or grow a personal brand online as a coach even if you are currently CONFUSED, shy or nobody knows who you are.

Get ready to create impact, influence, and income doing what you already love.

Joining the BYB Program has been one of my two best decisions this year. It prompted me to take action and helped me gain clarity. It has reduced the anxiety and redirected my energies in a pleasantly different direction. I am amazed at what an old soul you are…brilliant, sagacious, passionate, kind, a leader per excellence. I am honored to be in your mentorship and I am glad you are part of my success story. God bless you Temi.

Ochudo Okojokwu Ayi

Statistics has it that “four in five coaches will inevitably fail, some before they even properly begin”.

(The Coaching Revolution)

BUT on the other side of the statistics, the coaching industry is on a journey of MASSIVE growth as the estimated market size of the Coaching Industry was $15 billion in 2019 and it’s expected to reach $20 billion by 2022 with a 6.7% average yearly growth rate from 2019 to 2022

This makes the Coaching Industry the second fastest growing sector in the world!
Actually, Coaches have an average annual income ranging from $52,100 to $92,400. And some coaches make an average of $100,000 annually.

(According to PwC)

Are you EXCITED about these statistics?… Because I know I am.


If you are thinking of launching your business as a coach, you have the chance to get in on the up-swing as people are excited about hiring Coaches and getting faster results now more than ever! In other words, you can live the life you want to while making the difference you want to make in the world by helping others be, do or have more!


The question is:

How fast can you equip yourself with the skills, systems, and the type of confidence that successful coaches have that allow them to earn so much from their practice?

The answer is simple…



Yes, you can… and let me explain…

As soon as you join the Business of Your Brand Program (BYB), you will get MASSIVE CLARITY on the value you bring to the marketplace and who your audience is, you will gain VISIBILITY on social media and learn to structure your processes and very importantly, you will gain your FIRST (or next) 5 paid coaching clients during the program.

The BYB Program helps you to clarify your niche, who your audience is, how you can connect with them and very importantly, get paid!

Registration opens

Why Am I Going To Teach You All Of These?


Being a SUPER-SUCCESSFUL COACH is not reserved for a few gurus who have been in the space for a long while and it’s surely not about hopping on sales calls every minute looking for clients to work with.

It’s about CREATING a message that you believe will move people to their desired state in life.

It’s about IDENTIFYING your unique skills and building a profitable personal brand around it.

…And it is about converting that message to real-time cash.

But first… Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To A Word I Have To Say?


My name is Temi Ajibewa and I am popularly called #TheElectricTemi.

I am the Creator of The Business of Your Brand Program. One of my super powers is helping savvy and passionate individuals like you to turn their passion, expertise, skills and experience to a highly profitable coaching business.

A few years ago, I was just like you – struggling to find clarity about my niche and how in heaven’s name I can land PAYING coaching clients! I discovered I had a passion for speaking, teaching, and helping others achieve tangible results in their business and money-making ventures. As a savvy entrepreneur, people sought my advice freely on what kind of business they could start and how to grow their existing businesses.

I enjoyed sharing my knowledge with them especially when I get great feedback from those who have executed my strategies. For a long time, I struggled with how to build a business around my passion for speaking, teaching, and helping others achieve tangible results in their business and money-making ventures.

I consistently saw other people living my life, getting paid to do the same or less than I was doing, yet I couldn’t get the clarity I needed to launch out properly.
I needed help. I was making an impact and influencing people positively with my passion but it wasn’t translating into income.

I tried many things including a coaching certification for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) but for 6 months after I graduated, nothing happened (except for one client who paid me ₦25,000), and that was it.
It was then I realised that certification does not equal more money.
I also made a startling discovery…
It is not enough to follow my passion, I also had to follow the money!
This was the turnaround point in my life and so far…


My results have been outstanding!

In the last 5 years, I have gone on to:

I am not saying all these to brag but you can be rest assured that…

When It Comes To Creating Impact, Influence, And Income Doing What You Love As A Coach, Consultant, Strategist, Speaker, Trainer, Influencer, Or Thought-leader, I Know What Works!

So, if you don’t want to start the way I did (wasting time and money in fruitless experimentation) and if you REALLY want to earn money around your passion, teaching, coaching and impacting lives doing what you love…

If you NEVER want to “do what you love” without it translating to income, and if you FINALLY want to start earning multiple 7 figures teaching people as a coach, then you should really consider joining the Business of Your Brand Program.

To Be Clear, Are You A Coach Or Thought Leader Who Is…

Then You Should Definitely Join the Business of Your Brand Program!

Registration opens

See What New Coaches Like You Had To Say About BYB Program

“BYB made me understand the business of my passion. Now, I am happy with my business, I make money doing what I love and I’m able to support my family financially.”

– Margaret Dansu, Digital marketing Expert.

“Thanks to BYB, I am now a recognised authority in my niche. BYB helped me know my worth and charge accordingly. BYB is a complete package program. It is not over-rated at all.”

– Tope Aghomatse, YouTube Coach for Thought Leaders. 

“…working from the back to the front, with all I have gotten, the least I’d have paid for this program is $10,000.”

-Ayobami Olugbenga-Wyse, Career Coach for Young Professionals

“At the end of the BYB program, I knew exactly what to do and how to launch my coaching business. I learnt everything.”

-Ndidi Azaah, Business Structure Coach

“I learnt how to charge what I’m worth and this makes all the difference.”

-Dr. Lola Ayangbayi, Writer, Editor & Writing Coach

“Before BYB, I was going to shut down my coaching business but today, I’m thriving. I’d have gladly paid $6,000 for BYB and not feel cheated.”

– Abimbola Solanke, Certified Health & Wellness Coach 

This program comes in two different packages:
and you can choose any of the packages based on the access levels you want to Coach Temi.

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join BYB

Here’s What The Business of Your Brand Program Offers

Gold Access

7 Training Modules

The Business of Your Expertise

  • The mind-work of an expert
  • The building blocks of a Powerful Personal Brand
  • Expert positioning in a saturated market
  • Expert monetization
  • Getting your niche right.

Core Products Creation and Marketing

  • Core products features and creation.
  • Creating your Signature Coaching Program
  • Product pricing and marketing
  • Closing Clients.
  • Handling objections and collecting testimonials.

Ideal Customer Attraction Strategy

  • Identifying your ideal customer
  • Creating your ideal customer avatar
  • Attracting your ideal customer
  • The attraction pathway
  • Market Research

Profitable Personal Branding

    • Brand elements and channels
    • Creating your Unique Value Proposition.
    • Unique solution system
    • Brand competition management
    • Brand authority building

Coaching Ethics and Processes

  • Coaching ethics
  • Free Strategy Call Formula

  • Holding Discovery/Sales Calls

  • Onboarding coaching clients

  • Holding kick-off calls

  • Holding coaching calls

  • Terms and conditions

Content Creation and Marketing

  • Seamless content creation strategies
  • The art of story-telling and marketing
  • Content pillars and must-have tools
  • Content marketing and promotions
  • Content that bank

Sales Funnels Mastery

  • A-Z of sales funnels building.
  • Traffic building and lead generation
  • Leads qualifications
  • Funnel designing
  • The art and science of copy-writing.
  • Webinar to Clients Webinar Blueprint

Value of Course Content = $2,100

Is that all, Temi? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m happy you asked…😀

No, That’s Not All... You'd Also Get:

Value of Course Add-ons = $1,699

And We’re Not Done Yet! We have


These Are Some Insane, Eye-Popping Bonuses You Get When You Join The BYB Program Today

Personal Brand Websites that Sell - Tolu Michaels ($299 value)

When building a personal brand online, the importance of having a website cannot be over-emphasised. Tolu is sought-after when it comes to building high-converting websites and she shows you what to pay attention to in this course.

How To Effectively Tackle Procrastination and Self Sabotage - Innocent Usar ($299 value)

We all know how procrastination can be a killer of dreams. This is why we got the best of the best – Innocent Usar, to show you how to battle procrastination and self-sabotage.


An alumni of BYB herself, Ndidi is a gifted mind when it comes to breaking down complex business processes for entrpreneurs. In this course, she covers the relevant systems you should pay attention to as a coach or consultant.

Money MAKING MINDSET For Thought Leaders - Bankole Williams ($399 value)

The Wealthy Mind creator, Bankole is specially gifted when it comes to shattering limiting beliefs that hold people back from being all that they can be financially. In this course, he shares some strategies that will instantly transport your mind from lack to abundance.

Money Management and Investing for THOUGHT LEADERS - Tolu Dima-Okojie ($299 value)

As you make money doing what you love, it is important that you wisely manage and invest your earnings so that you can indeed create wealth and impact doing what you love. An Alumni of BYB herself, Tolu show you how to manage your income in this course.

Legal Toolkit for Coaches and Consultants - Barinaada BEMA Alex ($299 value)

The LegalPreneur, as she is fondly called, outdid herself in this course as she broke down all the legal jargons, processes and requirements you need to legal-proof your business as a thought-leader. This is one part of your business you cannot ignore.

TribeCraft: How to build a tribe of high-ticket customers who will happily invest in your coaching services - Victor Ekpo Bassey ($399 value)

Victor is an enigma when it comes to building a PROFITABLE tribe around what he does as a thought leader. He’s the coach to lots of coaches (myself inclusive) and even presidents of countries. In this class, Victor breaks down the whole science behind community mastery in a way that will leave you dazed and grateful, I promise.

Private members-only Facebook group (PRICELESS)

Got questions or need immediate clarity on something? Need to share a win? Need encouragement on something? The BYB members-only Facebook group is your on stop shop for quality interaction, networking and support from amazing, like-minded and focused thought leaders just like yourself. Here, you are safe.

An e-copy of the business of your brand program ($105 value)

Talk about making your learning practical! This workbook makes your learning in the BYB program a lot easier as you are able to follow the lessons and tasks chronologically. Students have confessed that this workbook was a major clarity catalyst for them on the program.

Total Value of the BYB Bubbling Bonuses = $2,399

Isn’t it insane?

I mean, you get all of these bonuses worth $2,398 but what you pay to join this program is not even close to this amount!

Value of VIP Access = $12,500

So, how much does it really cost?

Like I said earlier, the Business of Your Brand Program is exactly what you need if you want to LAUNCH, your business successfully as a newbie coach.

In 90 days or less, you can expect to have a solid 1:1 offer in place, know exactly who to offer it to, hold sales calls, have your social media content turned on “lead gen” mode, and already closed at least your first 5 clients.

Now, while you can never put a price tag on business growth and success, I want you to open up the calculator on your phone and you’ll see that…

The total cash value of all you will get in the Business of Your Brand Online Course is $6,199 for GOLD Access and $18,699 for VIP Access.


Gold Access

VIP Access

EARLY BIRD Registration opens
OCTOBER 26th - 30th.

Can You See How Insane This Offer Is?

I mean when you consider the amount you get to pay and the bonuses you get after you pay, it’s so cheap you can see I’m practically giving this program to you for almost free (and I’m seriously re-considering this offer).

That’s why I think you should TAKE ACTION NOW. Take advantage of this incredible ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity because

This offer will only be available for a short period and the price will go up very soon.


Are you excited?!💃🏾

Are You Still Wondering If This Will Work For You? Here’s What Some Past Students Are Saying About This Program

Joining the Inner Circle Program helped me to set goals that kept me pumped and ready to rule my world. I got confident enough to hold my live event and sponsor charity programs for undergraduates. By implementing what I learned in the program, I was able to build a proper business structure, set business goals, and smash them consistently. I got branding clients, held several online training, set up my online community, built an email list, and most importantly, was able to afford high-end personal development programs like NLP without feeling somehow.

Frances Aborigho

Coach Temi had set a goal for my business and was not taking ‘NO’ for an answer. My initial reaction was “is it her business, what kind of outlandish goal is this?” But in no time, I learnt that the fear of Temi’s cyber eyes is the beginning of wisdom so I implemented what I had learnt and I was able to exceed this goal by 100%!
If you are running a business (not a charity) and you really want to grow and make money from it, you need to have Temi as your Coach. Believe me, you will not regret it.

Abeke Samson
UK-Based Health Coach

Dear Coach Temi,
When I joined your coaching, one of my goals for Foshizi Tours was to improve our visibility in all phases of the comapny. I’m glad to inform you that we have taken the step to move Foshizi to global view by opening our Rwandan office.
Thanks to your coaching and the clarity it has produced in making me focused on the essential and leave out the noises that never really mattered in the scheme of becoming who God has designed me to be.
I am super proud to be associated with you and your brand. I am always grateful to you for the push to write my book too. My heart blesses you plenty. Your stage is set and your footprints in the sands of time will shock you.

Mrs Ife Olanrewaju
CEO, Foshizi Tours

“I learnt a lot about online business layout. The money I paid was more than worth it. I feel like I got more than invested.”

Lawuro Sekani, Productivity Coach

“Before I met Coach Temi, I was confused. Meeting her has really helped me create, monetize and sell my products”

-Rashidat Adekeye, Business Coach

When you sign up for the BYB Program...


Is this not what you want?

Yes? Incredible!

here is what is possible within 6 months:

first time you launch your GROUP coaching PROGRAM
$300 X 10 people = $3,000

second time you launch your GROUP COACHING PROGRAM
$300 X 20 people = $6,000

third time you launch your GROUP COACHING PROGRAM
$500 X 25 people = $12,500

total = $21,500

And this is a worst case scenario...

...because the first time I did a proper launch in 2016, I had over 100 students paying $50 each for a class I held on WhatsApp!

Look at it this way, for a one-time payment of $1,700 you are guaranteed to make at least $21,500 within the next 1 year. (Am I the only one who sees that this is a giveaway?) It means you would have earned over 12 times what you invested!

JUST IMAGINE what your life would be like when you are FINALLY able to create wealth and impact doing what you love. Having clients that love you and feel privileged to work with you daily.

EARLY BIRD Registration opens

Have you ever had someone who felt like a breath of fresh air? That is how Temi Ajibewa is. She brings with her a unique and electrifying load of energy in everything she does. She is determined at any task she executes and has a very compelling way of passing her message across. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in the processes and people she is affiliated with. As long as this dynamic phase of the world revolution is concerned, she is definitely the next titan to watch out for!

Niyi Adesanya (Leadership Expert)

Temi is a passionate, hardworking, and optimistic young lady who goes beyond the perceived impossible to achieve extraordinary results. Her goal-oriented, ‘never-say-die’ attitude keeps her admirable and anyone who works with her will be sure to smash their goals.

Bankole Williams (Life Coach & Business Consultant)

When You Sign Up, This Is What's Going To Happen Next...

  1. After we receive your payment, we would send you a Receipt and a Welcome email containing some instructions to help smoothen your journey on the program.
  2. Then you will receive your login details to and be able to access your lessons IMMEDIATELY!

And at the end of this program...

  • You would have launched a profitable personal brand around what you are talented or passionate about as a coach,
  • You would become really clear on the value you bring to the marketplace;
  • You would know how to attract your ideal customers;
  • You would become a bad-ass content generator so you can build your Know, Like and Trust factor in your industry;
  • You would create offers that your ideal customers will buy through your high-converting sales funnel.
  • You would become a recognized expert in your niche while you create impact, influence, and income doing what you absolutely love.

So, let me ask you this question,

Are you ready to start earning HUGE SUMS OF MONEY from your passion?

Yes? Good! Click on the button below now!

Gold access Package

VIP access Package

Now, Let’s Talk About Some Objections You Might have…

"Temi, I can't afford this right now. (aka How do I justify investing in this?)"

I know. Investing in anything is scary and it should be. After all, there is a LOT at stake.

However, let me ask you this…

Can you afford to sit watching from the sidelines while other coaches (probably less qualified than you!) continue to crush it with their business?

How much money are you currently leaving on the table with your
“Spaghetti-on-the-wall” approach on social media? I mean where you keep trying everything, hoping they will work.

How much money will you make once you know exactly how to sign on not only ONE but also your next 5, 10, 15 clients using the strategies you master with BYB?

Answering those questions will help you see how investing in BYB pays for itself.
But that’s not all…

… I want this to be a no-brainer investment which is why you can start TODAY with a single payment of $700 followed by 2 monthly payments of $700 each for GOLD Access or a single payment of $1,100 followed by 2 monthly payments of $1,100 for VIP Access.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 3 months program but you will have access to the course content for 12 months. This is to allow you more time to re-watch the videos and execute what you will be learning.

If you are unable to join us now, you will have to join our waiting list for the next time we launch which may be within the next 6 months because we usually open registration twice in a year.

You will have 12 months access to the course and bonus content and you can take them whenever you are ready within the year. This program is 100% online training and all lessons will be taken on an online academy with login details that will be provided to you once you sign up.

Absolutely. All the lessons are hosted on our online academy. Once you register, you will get your login details to sign in and take your lessons at your own pace. The course is accessible from on all internet-enabled devices, including Desktop, Android phones, Apple, etc.

No, we do not offer refunds due to the nature of this course. Once you gain access, you cannot request a refund. If you have any reservations about enrolling for this course, please send us an email at so we can help you determine if this course is really the right fit for you or book a discovery call on the payment page.

My ideal clients for this program are savvy and busy individuals of purpose and I bore this in mind while structuring the content. The modules in this program are well spaced out and the videos are short enough so that you can make them very easily and long enough to pass across the required message. I also designed an easy-to-use calendar that you can follow to guide you step by step on what you should focus on per time.

If you believe you need more hand-holding, kindly subscribe for the VIP session.


I attract only quality people to my brand so I can bet you that this will be the best group coaching you will ever join. The energy in the group is contagious and you will be inspired by it. If you insist on being on a one-on-one coaching program with me, the VIP access is your best option, because it is very exclusive yet with all the perks of the group program. Feel free to send me an email titled “VIP BYB COACHING” on so we can schedule a call to enroll you.

Still have questions? Send us a mail on Or call/WhatsApp +234 813 648 7261

P.S. For the price of $2,000 (GOLD) or $3,000 (VIP), you are guaranteed to make over 10X your initial investment within 1 year.

P.P.S. You should take advantage of this offer now before the price goes up.

P.P.P.S. Look into your future and see that kind of life you are living because you decided to take action today. (Let your future self thank your present self for taking action now!)